Social Media Marketing.

Social Media marketing has been gathering pace every year and has never been more obvious than during 2016. Heading into 2017 and beyond any business not employing a solid social marketing strategy will be left behind by the competition or at best be leaving thousands (or even millions) on the table.

If your business does not already have a profile established with Google, You Tube , Facebook , Twitter and Instagram there is a danger your business/brand names will already be taken and that the competition is benefiting from your absence.
HINT: If you have do not have these in place, go ahead and register them today!

If you have an internet marketing team or seo company working on your website and social media is not heavily utilized you most definitely should be asking questions.

There are many social media packages available from various social media marketing companies however it is likely that the content is curated (ie. not original or Google friendly) and it will not have customized, carefully considered links to your products, service, business or brand.

Xweb Consulting has a dedicated team of social media experts that receives continued training from our SEO specialists to ensure that campaigns are running efficiently and adding value to the overall marketing effort. The goals of social media will differ from business to business.

We will curate a piece of content if it is highly relevant however the majority of posts will be 100% original, designed for a specific purpose rather than just creating content for the sake of it. We are one of very few companies operating outside of the enterprise business category who create quality, engaging and customized content. The reason? It takes the right personnel, and done correctly of course it takes time.