Pay Per Click (PPC).

Pay Per Click advertising (the most common being Google Adwords) is used by millions of businesses worldwide to promote their products and services.

If your website is not ranking it is the easiest way to direct a significant amount of traffic to your website. PPC can also be used to compliment your SEO marketing.

Pay Per Click can be very expensive and dollars can be wasted if the administrator does not have knowledge of your business,is not proactively maintaining your account or does not really have a solid understanding of the way in which Google's paid and organic engines work. Typically they apply "text book" principles and use your money to see what sticks. We believe this is unacceptable, every dollar of yours is important to us.

We have witnessed campaigns that look to be thorough at first glance but analysis shows they are poorly constructed. This is almost always because the company setting them takes a broad brush approach.Typically they take industry data and apply it to your business without any thought of or understanding of your margins, target markets, core business and so on.

Xweb Consulting is your trusted resource for running PPC campaigns. We will audit your existing strategy and move to streamline your account and decrease wasted advertising spend.

Did you know that your PPC campaigns are affected by the quality of your website?

A well designed website will increase the position your Ad will be shown in Adwords and lead to higher conversions once the customer lands on your page. We recently saved one customer 66% of their Adwords spend due to poor website conversion.